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Pre-Order Hooray Beret CD


Pre-Order the new CD Hooray Beret at the Frenchy and the Punk Online Music and Art Shop Batfrogs.

Official release date: April 5th , 2019

The long awaited follow-up to Bonjour Batfrog is finally here!

Pre-order and get it in the mail early.



Hooray Beret includes the singles: Sing / Oo La La / Wah / Lanky Bell Bottoms


SING (Released March 8, 2019)

Wah (released January 18, 2019)

Frenchy and the Punk is an Acoustic Alternative Post-Punk duo based in New York. Formed in 2005 by French-born singer Samantha Stephenson and American guitarist and veteran of the Punk scene, Scott Helland, their show is a veritable circus of fun. Siouxsie-esque vocals and percussion perfectly complemented by live looping and sonically arresting guitar.

In anticipation of the new CD, Hooray Beret, slated for a April 5th release, there will be 4 Single releases.

Sing (March 8), Oo La La (February 14), Wah (January 18), Lanky Bell Bottoms (December 18)

Check out the videos for the first two releases here as well as streaming and purchase links.

Scroll down for Upcoming Tour Dates (Minneapolis MN, Kingston NY, Cincinnati OH and more). Thanks for stopping by


Lanky Bell Bottoms (released December 18, 2018)