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Frenchy and the Punk 2021 EPK


Band members: 2

Samantha Stephenson (Frenchy) - vocals, percussion, drums

Born in France/Sings in both French and English

Scott Helland (the Punk) -  acoustic/electric hybrid guitar, looping, drums

ex-bassist of punk band 'Deep Wound' with
J Mascis and Lou Barlow (now of Dinosaur Jr)
ex-bassist of 'Outpatients'

Location: New Paltz, New York

"Top 25 List of Dynamic Duos - Frenchy and the Punk (#13 )
Yahoo Music Blog

"...definitely evolved from the original punk days... beautiful"
NPR Lehigh Valley

"An extremely unorthodox duo, this French-born singer and
punk rock guitarist perform more of a carnival than a concert"
Musikfest 2014
(largest free-to-the-public festival in the U.S.)

"...percolates with stripped-down DIY energy, tribal rhythms, and earthy drama...a melding of ancient archetypes with scrappy street-level attitude makes [it] a lively must-have for punks, hippies, and everyone inbetween" Robert Burke Warren - Chronogram

Genre: Dark Pop Post-Punk Alternative

(Some shows space allowing - drumming instrumentals - 2-person Taiko meets Blue Man Group style drumming live video example at Asylum Festival UK: https://youtu.be/X2BVIzXMkPA)

Mood: Upbeat, danceable, feel-good, mystical

Formed in: 2005 (averaging 100 shows per year in U.S. and Europe)

Typical Venues: Music Festivals, Art and Culture Events, Clubs, Cafes (US and Europe) Equally at home on a festival stage as in a small intimate stage setting.

Venues Examples/Highlights: Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland) Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA), DragonCon (Atlanta, GA), Waterfire (Providence, RI), Flynn Center (Burlington, VT), O+ Festival (Kingston, NY), Oregon County Fair (Eugene, OR), Steel Stacks (Bethlehem, PA), Grog Shop (Cleveland, OH), Webster Hall (NYC), Taste of France (NYC), Nambucca (London, UK), Wild Wild West Festival (Tuscon, AZ), 3 Wishes Faerie Festival (UK), SteamTour (Paris France), Watch City Steampunk (MA), Frog and Rosbif Club (Toulouse, FR), The Darby (NYC), Can Can Club (Portland, OR), Once Ballroom (Boston)

Some of the bands with whom they have shared the stage: Thomas Dolby, Dinosaur Jr, The Young Dubliners, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Albanach, Voltaire, Mike and Ruthy, Gandalf Murphy and the Slombovian Circus of Dreams, Qntal (Germany), Faun (Germany), Brian Viglione (of Dresden Dolls), The Dolmen (UK), Steam Powered Giraffe, Cecile Corbel (France), Delhi 2 Dublin, Red Elvises

Contact Email: frenchyandthepunk 'at' gmail 'dot' com (or) contact 'at' frenchyandthepunk 'dot' com

Contact phone: (917) 701-6102

Website: www.frenchyandthepunk.com


Wah Music Video

Sing Music Video

Lanky Bell Bottoms Music Video

These Are The Days – Live in Lincoln UK

Brief Bio

Brief Bio:

Across its 10 fiery, witty, and exhortative tracks, Frenchy and the Punk’s Hooray Beret challenges listeners to get off the hamster wheels of modern culture and social identity and cultivate a sturdier self and more authentic values. The fourth full-length from bi-lingual French-born singer Samantha Stephenson and post-punk guitar visionary Scott Helland, Hooray Beret is organic and largely acoustic but relentless in its downhill grooves and cheeky garage noir riffage. In song after song, Stephenson nails the vanities, traps, and disfiguring pressures of 21st century life as she delivers a genuinely affirmative and urgent call to action: the action of self-reflection.

The album-opening “Wah” winks in awareness of this paradox. Over an insistent club beat and a stylish, Euro vocal hook, Stephenson instructs herself to “stay at home on a Saturday night...diving into what feels real.” A feminist theme of self-exploration-as-activism recurs in almost every song. The deliriously cool chorus of the New Wave and spy-toned “Lankey Bell Bottoms” celebrates continual growth and the rejection of triviality, while the gorgeous jangle-pop of “Sing” offers a compact time-lapse portrait of a woman ignoring or forestalling her true calling in five different decades of her life.

Hooray Beret’s message of independence and the shedding of socially imposed identities is well-earned. For more than a decade, Frenchy and the Punk have been refining their own voice in many quadrants of the Balkanized post-punk world. They have essentially invented their own genre in which punk vitality and drive meets an evocative, cinematic way with exotic melodies and European-inflected percussive textures. A founding member of Deep Wound with J Mascis and Lou Barlow, Helland weaves dark riffs and layers of spidery melody in an acoustic/electric tone that is entirely his own. Stephenson sings with a gothy heft and authority that may remind one generation of Siouxsie Sioux and another of Grace Slick.

Through no design of their own, the Hudson valley, New York, based band has become an in-demand performer on the post-cabaret, mythic, and steampunk scenes, even as they eschew affectation and excessive theatricality. Their engaging, unjaded live shows convert strangers to fans regardless of the setting. Hooray Beret offers the strongest proof to date of this band’s rich and edifying spirit of serious fun.

Visit www.frenchyandthepunk.com

Frenchy and the Punk's Music is featured on:
NY Ink
Dance Mom
Travel Channel
Animal Planet

"Top 25 Duos in the US" by Yahoo Music Blog.

Frenchy and the Punk CDs:
Eternal Summer EP (2007)
Happy Madness Album (2010)
Live at Bube's Brewery DVD (2011)
Hey Hey Cabaret Album (2012)
Elephant Uproar Album (2013)
Cartwheels EP (2014)
Bonjour Batfrog Album (2014)
Feast Art Book (2015)
Batfrog Tracks: Lyric and Photo Scrap Book (2016)
Hooray Beret Album (2019)


"Stephenson...the woman with staggering charisma, whose healing energies can be felt pouring off the stage" (Yahoo Music's 25 Women to Watch) Rob O'Connor - Yahoo Music!

"an energetic hybrid of European Folk roots, Punk attitude, World Beat eclecticism and traveling player theatricality." Phil Brucato - BBI Media (Sage Woman)

"A Little Punk, A Lot of Spunk... [Frenchy and the Punk] are creating their own niche in the music world with a sound that seduces audiences like a sultry cabaret show" Eugene Oregon Weekly

"I was so shocked by Frenchy and the Punk, they were stunning performers and to top it off the music was brilliant as well" Live Music Weekly, UK

"They raucously layer colorful imagery and subtle innuendo over blaring guitar plucking and tribal drumming to effectively create an alternative, Francophilic work of run away circuses, midnight cabarets and fairy tribal dances." (Joseph Vourteque, Steampunk Chronicle)

"it's like falling through a cloud of opium and landing in a vaudeville show..." Missoula Montana Independent

"this album (Happy Madness) has beer and absinthe splashed all over the place." Buzzine.com

"It's like the secret history of fairy tales as told in your favorite corner bar at a surreal after hours party" Jordan Block - SepiaChord.com

"...toe tapping blend of bohemian punk folk tinged with cabaret, tribal beats and good old-fashioned storytelling..." Faenation

"It's like a Steampunk fairy tale with a serious case of wanderlust." Jenn O'Donnell - Adequacy.net