Live Stream Mini Concerts Every Wednesday

Join us for our weekly live stream concerts from Batfrogs HQ! Each week has a different theme. Live streams are available to the public from the Wednesday of the date scheduled through the following Saturday. After that the concerts are available on our Patreon page.

Upcoming Live Stream Themed Mini Concerts

May 13 – Guitarmy of One

May 20 –  TBA

May 27 – TBA

Past Themed Mini Concerts

May 6 – Stripped Down, Unlooped, Unplugged

April 29 – Live From the Drum Po(u)nd

April 22 – April in Paris

April 15 – Best Requests

April 8 – Cogs and Batfrogs

April 1 – Pixie and the Punk

March 25 – From the Fire Circle


Stay tuned for June themes

For more info on these concerts visit our Facebook page or Patreon Page