New Kickstarter Launched for new Frenchy and the Punk CD

We said we’d do it… and we have. We just launched a kickstarter for the new Frenchy and the Punk CD…that’s right, brand new Frenchy and the Punk songs!

It’s been four years since the last one. In that time we have tried to work on another album but the time on the road made it difficult and … here’s the confession part… when we did have time to write, the type of songs that came through were decidedly not Frenchy and the Punk. We ended up writing a whole record of indie pop songs that we will at some point release under a side project name. This past winter we finally had some Frenchy and the Punk tunes come through and they were just what we were waiting for. We’ve had a chance to play a few of them at shows this year so some of you have had a sneak listen.

Please pre-order and help make it happen. There are lots of rewards and mega rewards. Everything from Le Béret to Le Louvre!

As you know, we are a full-time working band and we are DIY… yes, we do it all oursleves except for the actual recording of music, we go to a professional recording studio and for this album we are recording at New Paltz NY’s Split Rock Studios. We love the new tunes and we can’t wait for you to get them. We have rewards we hope you will love and if there’s anything you don’t see on that reward list that you might want to suggest, please let us know.


Big Batfrog hugs,
Samantha and Scott
Frenchy and the Punk